To develop our services further in 2012 we have embarked on a major re-brand. Our aim is to emphasise the high standards of quality and service we have achieved in the re-engineered curved stairlift market.

The highlight of this rebrand is the new company website, along with its new corporate identity, reflects the high standards of professionalism that Bespoke Stairlifts offer to there trade partners and their customers. The new website is designed to focus on our products and services, as well as detailing the various dealer options.

Gavin Finn, partner, says “We needed to get across to our customers the high levels of service we are achieving and the developments we have made to our manufacturing process. We understood that all our hard work over the past 18 months needed to be presented to our customers as effectively as possible. This meant re-branding the company to illustrate the exceptionally high standards we work to.”

Along with servicing over 6000 U.K. based customers we are now exporting our products to various European destinations including France and Germany and aim to attract more overseas customers throughout 2012.

David Burns, another partner, stated that, “Europe offers us massive scope to build our business. Our re-engineered curved stairlift seems to be drawing a lot of attention on the continent and we are now in a position, structurally and logistically, to offer our high levels of manufacture and service further afield without compromising our loyal U.K. customers.”

We are continuing our work with four of the U.K. leading disability charities and will continue to invest in these partnerships during 2012, while also focusing on the relationships with our home based distributors.